When is a university not a university? (5)

2019-06-10T18:16:30+02:00Mon, 10th Jun '19, 16:17|

This is the fifth part of a series arising from an interview with an ex-staff member at the AUM. Part 1 is here. Despite his longstanding academic career and positions of serious responsibility in various academic institutions, including the honour of being the first university president in Azerbaijan at Khazar University, Baku, John Ryder has [...]

Repubblika: Put brakes on Constitutional changes

2019-06-10T17:19:46+02:00Mon, 10th Jun '19, 15:16|

A Repubblika statement of earlier today: PARLIAMENT SHOULD NOT APPROVE CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENTS WITHOUT CONSULTATION Repubblika is concerned about the bill the government is piloting this evening at the House of Representatives to amend the Constitution and calls on Members of Parliament to reject the bill if they are serious about wanting proper Constitutional reforms that [...]

Two leaders. One goose-step.

2019-06-10T07:29:52+02:00Mon, 10th Jun '19, 07:29|

Remarks by the two party leaders yesterday had one common underlying theme, if you look close enough. They both want us to march in their platoon, but it’s really one tune they’re playing. Consider how Joseph Muscat yesterday said he was worried dissent within the PN might mean he would not secure the two-thirds majority [...]

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