The rule of law collapses. So does your roof.

2019-06-13T18:59:10+02:00Thu, 13th Jun '19, 18:59|

The Prime Minister ordered all permits for excavations and demolitions issued according to the laws of the land, suspended until he rewrites the law. He looks like “he’s doing something” in the face of a crisis. The crisis is his doing. Avoiding it was not just within his powers. It was his responsibility which he [...]

GUEST POST: When politics falls over your head

2019-06-13T18:15:00+02:00Thu, 13th Jun '19, 18:15|

I sat down to write on the Prime Minister's intervention today after yet another collapse of a building that had the misfortune of being next door to something ironically termed 'development'. I still have some thoughts to add to the below but this guest post sent in by a regular contributor to this site sets [...]

International Free Speech NGOs beat Manwel Mallia to lobby EU-Med Summit on basic freedoms in Malta

2019-06-13T16:10:42+02:00Thu, 13th Jun '19, 16:10|

Manwel Mallia was getting ready for battle this morning. But free speech and media freedom NGOs filed their appeal with the heads of government meeting in Malta tomorrow encouraging them to read Pieter Omtzigt's Council of Europe report and learn how Malta is systematically failing in guaranteeing the safety of journalists and upholding the rule [...]

No accounts for Pilatus Bank since 2016

2019-06-13T15:58:30+02:00Thu, 13th Jun '19, 15:58|

The ‘Competent Person’ appointed by the MFSA to take control of Pilatus Bank has failed in his reporting duties according to law, an article by Godfrey Leone Ganado for this website says. Lawrence Connell, who worked as a financial regulator in the United States in the past, appears to have missed deadlines in submitting reports [...]

It’s alive! Alive, I tell you!

2019-06-13T15:28:06+02:00Thu, 13th Jun '19, 15:28|

Robert Arrigo was not wrong in expressing frustration about some of the stuff people put on Facebook. Messaging in politics used to be a science. You had trained people who thought words through, evaluated them against the data they collected, tested them in focus groups, and exercised discipline and coordinated speakers to ensure the public [...]

Manwel Mallia, you’re gonna need a bigger boat

2019-06-13T14:53:31+02:00Thu, 13th Jun '19, 14:53|

The story of Manwel Mallia sending a WhatsApp Group that includes Nationalist MPs the beginning of a conspiracy to “lobby against” a Council of Europe report is only superficially about him revealing strategy in the wrong chat window. This is not about Manwel Mallia typing on his phone without looking who exactly would be getting [...]

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