Goodbye Ivan

2019-06-12T20:03:43+02:00Wed, 12th Jun '19, 20:03|

I knew Ivan Fenech for many years, never very well. I knew him mostly through what I heard others say of him. That he was smart, funny, kind, patient, civil and principled. And I knew him as everyone else did, one of the most recognisable pens on Maltese newspapers. I got to know him more [...]

This is the end

2019-06-12T13:33:48+02:00Wed, 12th Jun '19, 13:33|

You might say that Adrian Delia’s brief and turbulent marriage with the PN is on the rocks if what you had in mind was the end of freefall from a plane without a parachute. But even now, his limbs shattered, his vision blurred, and blood pouring out of his nostrils, he still looks like he [...]

Konrad Mizzi is again ok with his own human rights

2019-06-12T12:45:53+02:00Wed, 12th Jun '19, 12:45|

Konrad Mizzi has withdrawn his second human rights claim yesterday dispatching his lawyer John Bonello who ceded the case the Minister had filed. Konrad Mizzi filed a claim in the constitutional court that the right in the law that allowed Repubblika and Simon Busuttil to ask for an inquiry into the Panama Papers breached his [...]

Peter stays one

2019-06-12T12:03:43+02:00Wed, 12th Jun '19, 12:03|

The Opposition has indicated it will not support the government’s bill to amend the Constitution to split the role of the Attorney General in two, retaining, even enhancing, the control the prime minister has on the institutions that are supposed to have the power to put handcuffs on him. That is welcome news. But only [...]

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