The football coach analogy

2019-06-03T17:02:58+02:00Mon, 3rd Jun '19, 17:02|

Times Talk is interviewing Adrian Delia again tomorrow. We only saw snippets of the interview today and it doesn’t look like they’re going to discuss the Council of Europe report that found Malta’s rule of law crashing around our ears, or the PN’s economic policy, or climate change, or Adrian Delia’s solution to the intractable [...]

Government: Daphne Caruana Galizia ‘was not assassinated’

2019-06-03T16:35:28+02:00Mon, 3rd Jun '19, 16:35|

In a shocking response to the Byline Times a person identified by that website as the “head of communications for the Maltese government” said the word “‘assassination’ is a very politically loaded word, which I refute”. Though the government has up to now avoided using the term “assassination” when describing the killing of Daphne Caruana [...]

What he didn’t say

2019-06-03T13:37:08+02:00Mon, 3rd Jun '19, 13:37|

If you haven’t seen Jean Pierre Debono’s “explanation”, do so before you read this. He has written his denials, his excuses and his explanations such as they are and I published them in their entirety because fairness demands it. But here’s the thing. The credibility of Jean Pierre Debono’s ‘apology’ rests on the assumption that [...]

Birnam Wood

2019-06-03T11:57:10+02:00Mon, 3rd Jun '19, 11:57|

It’s meltdown in the PN as all branches that are not in control of Jean Pierre Debono are lining up to disown his co-option to Parliament. Deputy Leader Robert Arrigo used very harsh terms to describe both Jean Pierre Debono and his wife Kristy Debono. “They are not sheep,” he wrote. “They’re wolves”. MPs and [...]

Gozitan voters file court action against PN: ‘Cancel Jean-Pierre Debono’s co-option’

2019-06-03T10:23:07+02:00Mon, 3rd Jun '19, 10:23|

Two Gozitan voters have filed a judicial protest against the Nationalist Party calling on them not to co-opt Jean Pierre Debono to the Parliamentary seat vacated by David Stellini. The voters, Mariella Mercieca and Daniel Cilia, said in their letter that the vote on Saturday morning that chose Jean Pierre Debono over Gozitan candidate Kevin [...]

Not getting the job done

2019-06-03T08:24:09+02:00Mon, 3rd Jun '19, 08:24|

The thing that you have to keep in mind with the current crisis in the PN is just how unproductive it is. A crisis that yields results is painful but necessary. But what’s happening is as pointless as hair-gel on me. Consider that Joseph Muscat is not having to face criticism on a Council of [...]

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