Kurt Farrugia leaving Castille – sources

2019-06-19T18:10:43+02:00Wed, 19th Jun '19, 18:10|

Separate sources have told this website that the chief government spokesman Kurt Farrugia is leaving his job in Castille to take over the running of the government's foreign investment agency, Malta Enterprise. Kurt Farrugia has been a central figure of Joseph Muscat's administration from its very first day. He was the only person trusted by [...]


2019-06-19T18:04:07+02:00Wed, 19th Jun '19, 18:04|

Someone with a serious case of pathological optimism described the outcome of yesterday’s meeting of the PN’s parliamentary group as a truce, a temporary ceasefire of sorts while a modus vivendi is found. Armistices can be reached because combatants become exhausted and stop being confident further military action could bring them any closer to the [...]

Is Neville Gafa’ on another ‘personal’ trip to Libya?

2019-06-19T11:32:58+02:00Wed, 19th Jun '19, 11:32|

Neville Gafa', whose job in the government has never been specified, was part of an official government delegation yesterday meeting the Prime Minister of Libya Ahmed Maiteeq. After some uproar when he was identified in official photographs of the Libyan government, Neville Gafa' was last November "formally asked by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs" what [...]

Maltese ambassador ‘misrepresents himself’ as UN ambassador, Sicilian news site says

2019-06-19T11:00:38+02:00Wed, 19th Jun '19, 11:00|

Malta’s ambassador to Bulgaria Ray Bondin has been accepting the hospitality of Sicilian town councils allowing them to believe he holds a UN office he has been out of since 2013. The news was reported by Sicilian news organisation ragusanews.com that reported the Mayor and Council of Gela yesterday hosted Ray Bondin with much pomp [...]

Happy Day. Unless you’re Silvio Debono.

2019-06-19T10:45:04+02:00Wed, 19th Jun '19, 10:40|

It’s a day for toasting Moviment Graffitti and civil society today. Facing incredibly overwhelming odds they took legal action to stop the development of the dB monstrosity over St George’s Bay and the court agreed with them the permit was issued in spite of a flagrant conflict of interest involving a member of the planning [...]

This post features Pierre Portelli

2019-06-19T08:20:53+02:00Wed, 19th Jun '19, 08:20|

It felt good answering the call of Moviment Graffitti yesterday to march in solidarity with people who lost their homes to the greed of next door construction projects and to protest against those whose greed brought their losses about. Wayne Flask’s literary speech was not just enviable prose. It was a manifesto of anger and [...]

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