Crooks incorporated

2019-06-27T15:06:48+02:00Thu, 27th Jun '19, 14:52|

Neville Gafa’ is now recognised at last as officially speaking on behalf of Malta’s government when visiting Libya. No more mincing words, trying to pass his trips as “private holidays” in sun soaked Tripoli. And that’s supposed to be that. The fact he has a pending case for being at the centre of a visa [...]

Caruana Galizia family reacts to Council of Europe resolution on Malta

2019-06-27T14:35:36+02:00Thu, 27th Jun '19, 14:35|

The following is a statement issued by Daphne Caruana Galizia's family today: The resolution of the Council of Europe's Parliamentary Assembly adopted by an overwhelming majority yesterday evening has brought our family closer to the truth: that Daphne would still be alive today if corruption in Malta were properly investigated and prosecuted by the authorities, if [...]

There will be hell to pay

2019-06-27T15:17:03+02:00Thu, 27th Jun '19, 13:08|

Commenters for the Labour Party who are trying to look at the bright side of yesterday’s diplomatic disaster are banking on the fact that the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly’s resolution is not legally binding and cannot therefore force the government to change its ways. It’s not like just because they’ve been resoundingly condemned by [...]

GUEST POST: Eurostat and the Malta Development Bank

2019-06-27T12:33:17+02:00Thu, 27th Jun '19, 11:20|

The guest writer John Christmas writes for As the exiled whistleblower against the Latvian Proxy Network, and a Malta resident, I noticed a common source of corruption. Eurostat is a Directorate General of the European Commission, with a mission proclaimed on its website of providing ‘high quality statistics’ because ‘democratic societies do not function [...]

GUEST POST: Submission is alien to Christian Democracy

2019-06-27T10:50:39+02:00Thu, 27th Jun '19, 10:50|

Preamble  Notwithstanding the socio-political and multicultural challenges, Christian Democratic parties, particularly in Europe, are still influential.  CD parties seek inspiration from the teachings of Thomas Aquinas and express their relationship to the Gospel and the churches as a dialogue, resulting in a political conviction.  Since their early days they had distanced themselves from the churches. This [...]

BBC Radio 4: Daphne, A Fire in Malta

2019-06-27T10:28:13+02:00Thu, 27th Jun '19, 10:28|

Use this link from Monday to listen to the broadcast of the first of a 5 part series of radio drama based on the story of Daphne Caruana Galizia. Here's the trailer of the show: The show is written by Lizzie Nunnery and Alys Harte. Alys Harte has already covered an aspect of [...]

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