Starting this afternoon this website is publishing a series by Lizzie Eldridge on the American University of Malta. This first series of 6 in-depth articles will examine the context of the licensing of this self-described academic institution and how the artistic impressions of students studying in the sun dockside in Bormla have so far remained firmly in theory. Lizzie Eldrige frames the ‘AUM’ in the context of Malta’s politics where corruption, profiteering and the institutionalised lowering of standards for the maximisation of profits have become a national religion.


Lizzie Eldridge is a writer, actor and activist who moved from Scotland to Malta in 2008. After completing her doctorate spanning both theatre and sociology, she taught theatre in UK universities for 14 years. She has published 3 books, one of which was shortlisted for a National Book Prize (2016) and selected as one of Waterstones Glasgow’s Best Books 2017.