The Prime Minister yesterday issued a royal decree ordering all excavations or demolitions stopped until further review of the rules that according to him are now causing buildings to collapse.

Facebook has since yesterday been replete with debates interpreting that decree and trying to define limits around its absurdity. That’s why royal decrees have been abolished by the French Revolution and replaced by an appropriate process of determining laws.

You don’t have first, second and third readings of laws in Parliament because legislators have dyslexia but because knee jerk reactions are dangerous.

I saw a post from an architect warning his colleagues that dismantling an arch inside a residence must also be stopped even if the job was halfway yesterday. That was a very nervous architect writing that.

In the meantime where timely action by the government would have been appropriate, they drag their feet. They could have provided the newly homeless residents who saw their property collapse under the rubble with some decent support to help them survive.

Here’s a Facebook post by the victim of yesterday’s disaster. It looks like charity will as usual have to make up for the shortfall of our authorities here.

The Prime Minister should not have had his first meeting with the Developers Association yesterday. They still had a bedroom to go back to last night.

He should have met the family that ended up homeless and gave them a reason to have his picture on their wall by doing his job for a change.