If you’ve ever told one of us you’re impressed by our courage,
If you’ve ever sent us a cheque to keep us going,
If you’ve ever shaken your head hidden behind your newspaper,
If you’ve ever whispered to someone you trusted how disgusted you were,
If you’ve ever sworn at the news on TV,
If you’ve shaken your fists at your mirror,
If you feel sick for leaving your children a country worse off,
If you shed a tear at the injustice of murder,
If you’ve wondered at the sadness of truth,
If you looked for heroes and found none,
If you quivered and shuddered at abuse,

If you want justice, you must fight for it.
No leader can do it alone.
The words that inspire will vanish.
If you don’t speak them yourself with your voice.

Don’t miss Saturday. We need you to push with us. We’ll tip this boulder over yet. If enough of us show up.

You still in doubt? Watch this.