Sent in by someone I know.

Some are incredulously asking why people are getting angry now that a major step has been taken towards the identification of the masterminds of the Daphne Caruana Galizia assassination. Well, if you are not angry at what is happening around us, it is only because you have not been following.

People are angry because they have suffered injustices. People were denied jobs in civil service and other Government-controlled entities. People were robbed of promotions in civil service and other Government-controlled entities. People were not awarded tenders at Government-controlled entities. People were denied the possibility to bid for tenders because of direct orders issued at Government-controlled entities. And all this because they want to keep their dignity and refuse to kneel down in front of Invictus. In all this, the people who suffered injustice see in Daphne the epitome of injustice – the denial to the right for life.

People are angry because they are seeing no future for this country. People are angry because this country is being stolen from us by the greedy developers and tycoons, so evidently in bed with people in power. People are angry because our environment, our tiny place on earth, is being destroyed by those developers. People are angry because they no longer afford to buy a home because of those developers. People are angry because they have been left homeless because of those developers and justice has not been served.

People are angry because justice is not being served. Or is being served only because of pressure from the media and civil society. Or is being served only because an independent inquiry on state involvement – forced upon them by the Council of Europe – has been launched only a few days ago. Who on earth thinks that the recent dramatic developments are merely coincidental?

People are angry because cases like Neville Gafà, Jimmy Magro and a myriad of others are being kept unchecked so that the passage of time forgets them. People are angry because the wrongdoers are doing all within their power to delay justice. People are angry because despite the state-controlled institutions, the 2013 oil scandal – a scandal which gave power to the Labour Party in 2013 – has clearly been shelved, leading us to believe that this was more of scandal involving people closer to people in power today than to people in power back then. People are angry because, unlike the Egrant magisterial inquiry, other magisterial inquiries are being purposely kept without resources in order to leave them stalled. And people are angry because the Minister of Justice (the irony) this morning tweets that he still wants to continue working despite the angry faces.

People are angry because we have people paid by the taxpayer who are calling us to shut up, expecting us not to demand full justice and inciting us to move on as if nothing is happening. People are angry because these people would have us believe that Daphne’s own son masterminded his mother’s own death. People are angry because we have been fed lies – now proven outright lies – such as that Daphne was killed by oil smugglers. Their deceit is being uncovered and they are now running short of lies and spin to cover up previous lies and spin.  Is it merely a coincidence that the coconut master of spin has left his job for a more lucrative one elsewhere?

People are angry because the state broadcaster is reporting that there was commotion in front of parliament yesterday without explaining the real reason for the commotion and the anger. People are angry because the media of the party in opposition is giving prominence to stories of failed singers which no-one wants to hear about and which give the party in government some opium to distract the people with.

People are angry because we have Members of Parliament – the people’s representatives in parliament – who continue defending the indefensible just to save their highly paid job, their expensive suits, their perks, their chauffeur driven car. And this only goes to confirm that they’re all of the same type – corrupt, criminals, murderers. Defended by a totally corrupt system which has voters bought out and which keeps them unchecked. A system which Daphne fought out against and which cost her her life.

People are angry because the Prime Minister wants us to believe that the authorities are investigating and doing their job. Now that the assassination roadmap is leading towards his office, he wants us to believe that with him in power – in power over those same authorities – the authorities can still do their job properly.

People are angry because they have been left leaderless for far too long. And the Prime Minister wants us to believe that the country needs him as leader at this moment in time. A leader is a person who takes action. And no action is being taken. And the Prime Minister thinks that we are all stupid and wants us to believe that he is taking action when in fact he is taking none. The people are angry because, unlike other civilised (and even less civilised) countries, no-one has, is or will be carrying responsibility for the most uncivilised act of all – the brutal murder of a journalist. One of us. Now with an added piece of crucial information. By a business partner of the Castille gang.

And Invictus wants you to believe that there is nothing wrong in all this. The people are angry because Invictus wants the status quo. And the status quo has prevailed. Nothing has changed. And today is like yesterday. And the day before. And the day before that.

And, without a show of anger, tomorrow will also be like today.