The prime minister wanted to sound categorical when he said he’ll protect no criminals just because their arrest might cause him embarrassment. He was asked if he would be the one to handle a request for immunity from someone willing to testify he was wrong about Keith Schembri and Konrad Mizzi all along, and Daphne was right.

To that he answered it’s too soon to say because he wasn’t facing such a request yet. He may have been lying but that’s for the inquiry to determine. But in any case in the present situation a request for immunity from a witness who knows the truth about the corrupt Electrogas deal is far from an unlikely scenario.

He realised his answer was lame so with what energy he had left and the fumes he could muster he assured the reporter ‘I shelter no one’.

But you do, don’t you? You’ve sheltered Keith Schembri and Konrad Mizzi for three years. And for a little less than that you’ve sheltered Chris Cardona and Edward Scicluna too. You’ve been a mediaeval roadside chapel, a safe haven for murderers and highwaymen running away from the king’s law.

All you’ve ever been concerned with was their survival, because on their survival yours depends.

Here’s a reminder of your furious anger when we happened to be watching you and catching you unawares as another of your cronies’ many rotten secrets was revealed. You weren’t angry with them for causing you embarrassment with their avarice. You were angry at us for finding out about it.

I’m posting the video here but take the time to go to Daphne’s blog when she posted it.

Ir-reazzjoni ta' Muscat ftit wara li sar jaf bl-iskandlu li fa…

SKANDLU TIXĦIM MIT-TANKER TAL-GASS: Ara r-reazzjoni ta' Joseph Muscat fl-ewwel break ta' Xarabank, ftit ħin wara li sar jaf bl-iskandlu li faqqa' ftit tal-ħin ilu: tixħim mit-tanker tal-gass.

Geplaatst door NET News op Vrijdag 26 mei 2017