The video is by Monique Agius of Newsbook one of the many journalists allowed into Castille at 3am this morning only to be faced by a curt prime minister answering four questions when 4,000 are overdue.

To avoid the inconvenience of actually facing them properly, ministers walked out of the Ambassadors’ Room while journalists were detained by unidentified musclemen, most sporting TheNorthFace outfits, Joseph Muscat’s favourite brand.

Since the video came out some of the faceless musclemen were identified.

Mark Gauci’s Facebook account is of a Joseph Muscat hero worshipper. He physically detained Paul Caruana Galizia from exiting the Ambassadors’ Room yesterday. In the below Facebook exchange Mark Gauci repeats the “where is the laptop” slander that accuses Paul and his brothers of hiding evidence surrounding their mother’s killing. Referring to Daphne Caruana Galizia as “dik il-kerha” (that ugly one) he asks her orphaned children if she downloaded porn on her laptop which is why they held on to it.

Here’s another one. This is Leli l-McKay one of the heroes identified by Sammy Meilak as the “aristokrazija tal-ħaddiema”, violent thugs listed with the roll call that includes colourful characters like Joe il-Ġambu, Johnny Bondin il-Fusellu, Ninu Carabott it-Toto, il-Ħanini, il-Piccolin and other nice fellas of that ilk.

Someone yesterday said ‘Back to the Eighties’. Leli l-McKay must certainly think so.