The UK Times leading editorial this morning is about Malta. Of course. It concludes as follows:

“Mr Muscat insists that this is no reason to question the independence of the investigation, which he says he is confident will solve the murder. He also insists that there will be no immunity for anyone implicated in the plot. Opposition parties question this and are demanding that he stand down. It should go without saying that if any of Mr Muscat’s associates are charged with a crime, he must resign. But the cause of justice and urgent task of restoring confidence in Malta would be best served by Mr Muscat recusing himself from any further involvement in the inquiry.”

Instead Joseph Muscat continues to run the show, continues to control the investigation, continues to ensure that none of his associates are charged with a crime.

The editorial says: “Malta’s challenge is not just to complete this investigation and deliver justice for Ms Caruana Galizia and her family. It also needs to do so in a way that can restore confidence in the country’s commitment to the rule of law.”

We are not living up to this challenge and having already lost our reputation as a reliable business jurisdiction now we are losing our reputation as a basic democracy where the law rules. Clearly this editorial was not written by Robert Musumeci.

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