This is a clip from the propaganda movies from 2013 when Joseph Muscat promised liberation from the tribal politics of the past and a new meritocratic nirvana where Malta would belong to all. “Malta Tagħna Lkoll”.

Here’s Joseph Muscat’s pride wife saying that she looked ahead to a time when her own children would be looking back at daddy’s time at prime minister. And daddy’s legacy would not be passports to Russian oligarchs, or gas-fired power at double the market rates, and public hospital given away for the profit of faceless men, or the killing of a journalist in a car bomb. Daddy’s proud legacy would be a country coming together leaving behind divisions and partisanship.

In a way she was not wrong. Napoleon too realised his dream of uniting Europe, but it was united against him. Joseph Muscat has pushed this so far Michelle Muscat can still look forward to a national consensus about his government at some point in the near future. The judgement will be widely shared. His was the regime that brought us all to shame.