The Times of Malta followed up the story out of Parliament that Konrad Mizzi was being named as head of Malta’s delegation to the OSCE, with another bigger story. No sooner he resigned in disgrace from the Tourism Ministry last November than two weeks later he was appointed by the government agency that reported to him as its consultant with an even bigger pay packet than he used to have as minister. Even more than the prime minister is paid.

That’s why Joseph Muscat wanted to stay on for those hellish five weeks. We’ll never know just what arrangements they made for themselves. And that’s because Robert Abela, who owes his election to Joseph Muscat, was willing to cover all this up. He had every intention to keep this secret while he pretended to lead some form of palace coup by unseating Neville Fucking Gafa’.

So under this government here’s what you get for setting up a Panama company to get bribes from the person charged by the police for murdering the journalist who discovered your Panama company: one of the highest paid jobs in the public sector with security of tenure far tougher than the job of a minister which you used to get rich quick.

Robert Abela you’re covering for pigs, criminals, corrupt assassins and greedy, insatiable bastards. Which makes you one. You are their puppet.

Now you’ll need to choose. You will choose to keep your party together and allow Konrad Mizzi to continue to cash his rewards. Or you will do the right thing and put a stop to this.

We’ve given up on you already.

We’ll be coming outside Parliament Wednesday 29th at 6pm to tell you what we think of you and of Konrad Mizzi and of Joseph Muscat and of Keith Schembri that you continue to protect and guarantee immunity.

You threatened us some weeks ago saying our protests are a provocation. You said we must ‘let you govern’. It doesn’t sound right in English translation. “Ħalluna niggvernaw” is no plea. It’s a threat.

This is not governing. This is another phase of daylight robbery. No, prime minister. You won’t do this while we just watch.