Konrad Mizzi heading a parliamentary delegation to the OSCE to speak about media freedom and human rights is not funny. Robert Abela thinks he’s looking smart. He thinks he’s easing in an anal plug the wrong way round. He thinks he’s done enough to suck the wind out of everyone else’s sails, he’s done enough ‘cleaning up’, to march headlong on his predecessor’s path to impunity.

The appointment of Konrad Mizzi to anything is not merely ‘controversial’ as some newspapers described it. It’s a provocation. It will not go unnoticed.

He did not need to appoint Konrad Mizzi to anything. Excluding him from Cabinet should have been the hard bit, hence the odd insertion analogy. But it seems clear that the country’s trauma of December and January was only intended to reset the world’s attention away from the corrupt disaster our government was dragging us through.

Last week Joseph Muscat went back to Castille, Lawrence Cutajar got a pay rise and now Konrad Mizzi is being elevated to supremo ruling over the half dozen Labour backbenchers that still exist. What are we to expect next? Will Chris Cardona be made a judge? Will Neville Gafa’ be sent as an ambassador to the Vatican? Will Kenneth Camilleri head Malta’s delegation to the UN?

Keith Schembri gets the best reward of all. He gets the Electrogas, the hospitals, the passports and all the other rotten deals kept up so his money keeps flowing and since he doesn’t work in Castille anymore he doesn’t even need to keep defending libel suits. He rules comfortably from Mellieħa occasionally trying to get into Libya for chinwags with his fuel smuggling friends.

We all understand what this means. The Labour Party, that has twice won unprecedented majorities over its opponent, is getting ready for a second early election in a row. Robert Abela is looking increasingly uninterested in ‘cleaning up’ anything. He’s only really concerned in the cohesion of his party to marchit  straight into a general election that gives him a blank slate for another 5 years.

But that’s what Joseph Muscat thought he’d get in 2017.

And with Konrad Mizzi fighting for media freedom we can all feel safe. We can all be assured that impunity will not kill some other journalist.

You’re asking for it prime minister. You’re taunting us to remind you that we’re as determined now as we were a month ago to make sure Joseph Muscat and his band of crooks do not get away with it.

We have not fought for truth and justice for over two years to rest when Joseph Muscat gets a facelift, buffs up and starts calling himself Robert Abela.

Brian Hansford asked me on TVM last December, when will the protests end? The answer remains unchanged, when justice is done.

We’re nowhere near yet.