A statement by the PN Parliamentary Group set out the numbers. 17 of 30 members of the Parliamentary Group has told him to leave. That’s a larger majority than it looks because the complement of 30 includes 2 Members of the European Parliament that are not relevant for the President’s evaluation of whether Adrian Delia is still a viable Leader of Opposition.

More than 60% of PN MPs are of the view that Adrian Delia should leave. Four (14%) disagree he should leave. Presumably one of those is Adrian Delia but that is not clear from the statement issued today by the Parliamentary Group. Which leaves 7 (25%) undeclared either way but if against the departure of Adrian Delia firmly in the minority.

Today’s statement by the Parliamentary Group is significant. The statement says that Adrian Delia’s statement to the press yesterday night “is not correct”. They are being polite. But they’re still saying he lied. He lied to them at the Parliamentary Group meeting when he said he would reflect on what they told him when he had already decided to ignore them. And then he lied to the press (and to the public) about what was said inside the Parliamentary Group assuming that would be a lie he would get away with.

Jason Azzopardi was the first to put paid to that. But they’re all coming out now. Therese Comodini Cachia described Adrian Delia as living in a parallel reality. That too is a polite way of saying he’s living a lie.

It seems like at long last a majority of PN parliamentarians have had enough of this charade.

Adrian Delia is toast. Is he the only one not to know it?