As a lawyer I’ve always been convinced in the rule of law, so having a strong rule of law comes natural for me. We will close the chapter on rule of law with success, not just by dealing with our current challenges, but also by being a leading example for other countries. – Robert Abela

The COVID-19 pandemic may have taken our minds off very important issues. Everyone’s attention had shifted to news about new cases, home and abroad, statistics, social media and trying to cope with self-isolation. For Robert Abela this was a God-sent distraction that took people’s mind off hot subjects of concern like the host of decisions that have to be taken by the prime minister.

Being prime minister, along with a nice wage package, a chauffeur-driven car and staged expensive press conferences, brings responsibility. Robert Abela is now the first amongst equals. He runs Malta. Now after Robert Abela’s victory statement, attention will focus again on what really matters: the rule of law and corruption in Malta. These are what you now have to face, Robert. Covid-19 was a game of snakes and ladders. This is what is important now, this is eating away our values, which we treasure.

Let me remind you of Joseph Muscat, your predecessor, the man crowned most corrupt in the world. He is still roaming around freely after his very busy December when he toured half the world for who knows what. Recently you called Joseph to Castille. Nobody thinks that you called him to tell him that soon he will be arraigned for corruption and his office’s involvement in Daphne Caruana Galizia’s assassination. You called him for advice on corona virus or a regeneration economy plan or most likely how to deal with what you will be facing soon.

That was to show the Labour grassroots that you are keeping your word about ‘continuity’, that Joseph still matters. But the majority disagrees Dr Abela. Joseph was brought down from his throne by civil society. It all started with four ‘cats’ and a dozen ‘whores’, as Toninu Zarb called them, camping in Castille Square. The cats, like magic turned into thousands of tigers who managed to dethrone the mighty ‘invictus’. Just imagine what could happen to you, Robert. Keep your distance from toxic people. Robert, this will not go away.

Let us recall the fact that Keith Schembri was named by witness after witness at the Yorgen Fenech compilation of evidence and the Daphne Caruana Galizia independent inquiry. Schembri features prominently in nearly all evidence: that he was in constant contact with Yorgen Fenech, passing information he gathered when attending police briefings given to corrupt Joseph Muscat. Evidence that he was, and maybe still is, involved in money laundering activities, in receiving kickbacks from the sale of passports and for every corrupt practice under the sun is compelling. Yet, the police have yet to investigate him properly. Robert, this will not go away.

Christian Cardona, the FKK Acapulco threesome guy, has now been implicated in the Daphne Caruana Galizia murder conspiracy planned and executed from your office (OPM) during corrupt Joseph’s regime. We now learned that Chris Cardona may have paid money to the Degiorgios. He was already investigated for his friendship with the assassins and his visits to the Siġġiewi bar.  He resigned from an MP and as Deputy Leader of the Partit Laburista. Yet he is still a person of interest. Robert, this will not go away.

Then there is Neville Gafà, the unofficial delegate of Joseph Muscat to Libya. Let us keep in mind his dealings with Libyans asking for thousands of euro to get them visas to be cured in Malta. He offered witnesses more than a quarter of a million euro for their silence. Imagine what he made out of this scam. We came to know that Gafà even met Libyan terrorists. And after you sacked him, a wise decision, you asked him to work for you to deal with immigrants from Libya. This is not on. This will not go away Robert Abela.

Brian Tonna and Karl Cini of Nexia BT were directly involved in the setting up of the infamous Panama accounts Tillgate, Hearnville and Egrant for Keith Schembri, Konrad Mizzi and ‘who knows who else?’. Only Karl Cini can name the third person as he was the one to Skype Mossack Fonseca with the name of the the mystery client. This will not go away Robert Abela.

Silvio Valletta is accused of passing information to the mastermind of Daphne’s execution when he was supposed to be investigating him. He resigned but that does not absolve him. And Lawrence Cutajar: suspending his consultancy job which you gave him on the same day of his resignation is not enough either. He needs to be investigated too. This will not go away Robert.

Remember that the corrupt Electro Gas deal is keeping Minister Scicluna from lowering the utilities tariffs because China owns part of the power station, and Malta apparently has to ask China’s permission to help the Maltese by lowering the utility bills. Gas is now practically free but you cannot lower prices because of the Socar deal. This will not go away Robert Abela.

Then there is the Vitals corrupt deal involving the ever-present corrupt Konrad Mizzi, Edward (come on) Scicluna and Chris Cardona, already mentioned above. These ‘gentlemen’ sold three Maltese hospitals to Vitals for €1 and signed a secret agreement that if Steward Healthcare (present owner) do not fulfil their part, the Maltese government will still have to pay them €100 million. Konrad Mizzi has just returned from the United Kingdom and the first thing he said on arrival was that he is tired after a long trip. Some says he was returning from the United States in connection with the Vitals deal. It can easily be verified by the police checking his passport.  This will not go away Robert Abela.

Robert Abela you are now not just a consultant. You are now Prime Minister responsible for all this and for any inaction. The most corrupt person in the world of 2019 is no more. He will have to face justice too, sooner or later. The scoundrels and many others are still free as birds.

For once, do your job. Stop acting and stop smiling. This is serious, very serious. Forget the hand on heart charade. Go to your office, ask not to be disturbed, reflect and then take the decision and call the Police Commissioner and the Attorney General and order them to immediately start a real investigation of all these cases so that the corrupt culprits can be arraigned to face justice. After all you are a self-declared expert on the rule of law.