Net TV published a photo of Konrad Mizzi stepping out of Malta International Airport. He could have had the polite self-respect of giving Angelo Gafà the time to have his nomination as police chief confirmed before flying in.

Konrad Mizzi has been presenting medical certificates saying he was unfit to fly from the UK to fulfil his Parliamentary duties here. But Net TV say he told them he was in the UK “for work”.

The lying bastard reminds us to cleanly of John Dalli getting a gynecologist to say he’s too, what? too pregnant to fly? Until John Rizzo was thrown out of the police commissioner’s office and replaced by someone who would throw the evidence against him in the Ministry of Truth’s ever-burning furnace.

Konrad Mizzi was a bit uncertain about who would replace the convenient Lawrence Cutajar. He appears no longer to be uncertain anymore.

They don’t even try to hide their fucking smugness.