Keith Schembri promised to tell us the truth

Isn’t it surprising how people promise the bleeding obvious. A couple of days ago Joseph Muscat promised to remain available to answer question by the police. Why? Is it optional now? Can anyone avoid answering police questions by making themselves unavailable?

And is Keith Schembri suggesting he can opt not to say the truth?

What he says and what he intends to say are not the question here.

The question is whether he can be believed. After years of silence, dodging questions except to spout threats folded in revolting sarcasm, after all the lies, and after refusing to testify in support of a case brought by himself for fear of incriminating himself, now he promises us the truth. Right. We’re all ears.

We’ll watch what he says today. That crook Keith Schembri likely intends to go to court to say that he’s not a crook. But he will likely say there are others. He will dilute his own responsibilities with the classic trope of everybody was doing it.

Everybody was stealing. Everybody was lying. Everybody was killing.

Don’t worry Keith Schembri. We’re not in a hurry. We’ll still around until you all go down.

After you, Sir.