It doesn’t look good enough for cows

2020-07-05T20:54:32+02:00Sun, 5th Jul '20, 20:54|

Around 50 migrants are in Malta’s territorial waters within sight of our coast. They have been sleeping on the metal floor of sea-going stables right next to the dung of animals that have been delivered to Africa and that has been fermenting and rotting for days. These pictures taken by the crew of the MV [...]

PODCAST: ‘I’m behind you’

2020-07-05T12:41:58+02:00Sun, 5th Jul '20, 11:44|

Emanuel Delia · 'I'm Behind You' For a minute, leave aside the political calculus: who wins the next election; how Labour consolidates its ample majorities even though it rightly deserves exile from government until a generation that supported, protected and perpetrated corruption is outgrown; how the PN stays afloat; whether it’s time for a third, [...]

THE SUNDAY TIMES: When the time for Joseph comes

2020-07-05T11:39:34+02:00Sun, 5th Jul '20, 11:39|

From my article in The Sunday Times today: "It’s hard to find an accurate translation of the specific meaning of “ma npaxxuhomx” when it is used in the local political context. It literally means one should not act in a way that gives pleasure to the enemy. That does not merely mean ‘let us not [...]

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