PODCAST: Too big to handle alone

2020-07-23T19:07:16+02:00Thu, 23rd Jul '20, 15:28|

Manuel Delia · Too Big To Handle It is not disloyal to say that the crime of killing Daphne Caruana Galizia, the crimes that murder tried to cover up, and the crimes committed to cover that murder up, are beyond the capability of our institutions to address properly. I have been dragged to court for [...]

Media pluralism in Malta at risk, EU study finds

2020-07-23T11:28:10+02:00Thu, 23rd Jul '20, 11:28|

  Pluralism in Malta’s media was at ‘high risk’ in terms of market plurality and political independence. There’s also a ‘medium risk’ for social inclusiveness and basic protections of media plurality. The findings were reported today in an Europe-wide study on plurality in the media conducted by the Centre for Media Pluralism and Media Freedom [...]

True colours

2020-07-25T10:43:07+02:00Thu, 23rd Jul '20, 11:00|

The Executive Committee of the Nationalist Party meets tonight. It is being convened on the orders of the party’s leader Adrian Delia. He is convening a committee that has declared in a secret vote that it has no confidence in him. And yet he is charging ahead, putting on the agenda an item called “concrete [...]

GUEST POST: Deliberation or submissiveness at the PN

2020-07-23T10:02:58+02:00Thu, 23rd Jul '20, 10:02|

The Executive Committee of the PN, composed of some 70 accredited individuals, convenes this evening to discuss the party current situation. It is reported that the party leader will be proposing a strategy towards a way forward. This initiative, on the advice of his persons of trust, is however eclipsed by a remarkable threat; side-lining [...]

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