INTERVIEW: Kenneth Rijock on financial crime in Malta

2020-07-11T14:16:52+02:00Sat, 11th Jul '20, 14:16|

In this interview recorded earlier today, Kenneth Rijock speaks to me about the impact of Malta's passport-selling, money-laundering and corruption. He provides analysis on the outcome of the Ali Sadr Hashemi Nejad case and why people in Malta - particularly corrupt politicians - should be anxious about travelling. Manuel Delia · Kenneth Rijock Interview

PODCAST: A test for the presidency

2020-07-11T08:35:09+02:00Sat, 11th Jul '20, 08:35|

Manuel Delia · A Test For The Presidency Occasions when the president has to take decisions without instructions from the prime minister are rare. Our president acts in place of the Queen of England. And the Queen of England can only take initiatives on her own personal affairs and not without restrictions in that case [...]

Ali Sadr is a free man

2020-07-11T07:20:47+02:00Sat, 11th Jul '20, 07:20|

A US district court judge has ordered the release of Ali Sadr Hashemi Nejad ending restrictions on his movements in place since his arrest in February 2017. Ali Sadr’s travel restrictions and house arrest have been dropped and his bail bond of $38 million dollars has also been released. He will now be given back [...]

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