More push-backs to Libya as illegal practice to be examined by UN Human Rights body

2020-07-28T15:23:10+02:00Tue, 28th Jul '20, 15:19|

More migrants have been dragged out of Malta’s search and rescue area and taken back to detention centres in Libya under inhuman and degrading conditions. Saturday, 72 migrants were picked up in Malta’s area of responsibility at sea by Libyan coast guards and taken back to Tripoli. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees repeated [...]

The Official Monster Raving Loony Blogger

2020-07-28T10:55:33+02:00Tue, 28th Jul '20, 10:55|

John Dalli has become a biċċa blogger. I’m not telling you this because I necessarily recommend his blog. He’s there in the background like the odd items on an essential reading or viewing list for collectors, gathering dust on the back of shelves. I never had a copy of Mein Kampf mostly because I have [...]

PODCAST: Job description

2020-07-28T09:42:19+02:00Tue, 28th Jul '20, 09:42|

Manuel Delia · Job Description In June 2017, soon after the general election result was known, Simon Busuttil announced he would resign the PN leadership. It wasn’t what at the time I thought should happen but there’s only one thing worse than having a person occupying that position who would rather be doing anything else. [...]

GUEST POST: It’s like déjà vu all over again

2020-07-28T08:20:26+02:00Tue, 28th Jul '20, 08:20|

So Adrian Delia has reportedly declared that in the event that the General Council decides to hold an election for the leadership of the PN, he will contest the election. Now this begs the question – will he be allowed to take part in the election? According to a recent press release by the PN, [...]

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