GUEST POST: That probation clause

2020-07-01T15:32:45+02:00Wed, 1st Jul '20, 15:32|

That the way the new Police Commissioner was selected was simply a bit of a smokescreen to salve consciences pricked by the Venice Commission’s Report is a given. That the PN MPs forewent their opportunity to grill the anointed one is understandable, if to some minds (mine included) perhaps unfortunate. That the it is up [...]

Limbo politics

2020-07-01T15:16:36+02:00Wed, 1st Jul '20, 15:16|

Robert Abela promised high standards of governance but he’s only getting his ministers to jump over hurdles set about their ankles. They seem to be set that low in case they need to skip with their trousers down. He responded today to journalists’ challenges to ministers after Paul Caruana Galizia’s tweet a few days ago [...]

PODCAST: The privilege of fighting privilege

2020-07-01T12:20:10+02:00Wed, 1st Jul '20, 12:20|

Listen to the article here or scroll down for the transcript: Emanuel Delia · The Privilege To Fight Privilege Like any good thing parliamentary privilege can be abused. But if it’s taken away, our democracy will die a little bit more. Parliamentary privilege comes up ever so often when someone alleges an MP has abused [...]


2020-07-01T15:07:08+02:00Wed, 1st Jul '20, 09:14|

Thirteen migrants presently stuck in Libya, represented by Paul Borg Olivier and Eve Borg Costanzi, yesterday filed in court a judicial protest against the government anticipating a possible action under the European Convention of Human Rights. The 13 include 4 women, one of whom is the mother of a two-and-a-half-year-old child. Along with another 38 [...]

GUEST POST: The rise and fall of a political star

2020-07-01T07:53:36+02:00Wed, 1st Jul '20, 07:53|

A bad government cannot only be called as a ‘bad’ government; the real adjective should be this: Enemy! Yes, bad government is a real enemy for the country it governs, an enemy within! - Mehmet Murat Ildan   At the beginning of 2011 few in Malta had heard of Konrad Mizzi. Before entering politics he [...]

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