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Simon Mercieca’s Facebook campaigning in support of Adrian Delia takes the form of what he must imagine is some sort of crusade. I choose the word carefully, served up warm on the plate of a historian. Simon Mercieca’s line developed long before Adrian Delia materialised. After the 2013 election, the PN accepted that its social [...]

Blockchain website says “Malta has been writing cheques its ass can’t cash”

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In anticipation of the Moneyval verdict, Malta is quietly dropping the much-vaunted ‘Blockchain Island’ slogan reversing years of hype led by Joseph Muscat and Silvio Schembri. As parliamentary secretary responsible for the project Silvio Schembri led the charge of exaggerating the development of the industry in Malta. In the midst of the political crisis of [...]

Bullying science with words

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Robert Abela gave many press conferences in May congratulating himself for his “great success” of containing the covid-19 outbreak. He didn’t have to do much himself. He was fortunate to have inherited a health minister who was exceptional in his cabinet for being competent and aware of his responsibilities. And he was fortunate to have [...]


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Whether out of complete delusion or because he believes this is a winning strategy, Adrian Delia sings from Joseph Muscat’s hymnbook. Consider this poem in his series of occasional outpourings of sincerity on social media. The claim being made here is that the Nationalist Party and Adrian Delia are indistinguishable, in the way Joseph the [...]

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