Something Arthur Azzopardi said

2020-07-03T10:44:31+02:00Fri, 3rd Jul '20, 10:44|

Il-Koħħu’s former lawyer testified today at the inquiry into Daphne Caruana Galizia’s killing. He said he knew he was in danger but the police denied him security saying that if they were to give him protection everyone would know il-Koħħu was spilling the beans. But by then everyone knew il-Koħħu was spilling the beans. The [...]

Time for Anġlu to drink the Petrus

2020-07-04T13:44:25+02:00Fri, 3rd Jul '20, 09:17|

The Commissioner for Public Standards has activated a section of the law that creates his office in cases where he finds a breach of ethics by an MP and thinks the MP should face a serious rap and a possible order to cough up some money. This hasn’t happened before because the Commissioner for Public [...]

Government by the inept

2020-07-06T12:12:16+02:00Fri, 3rd Jul '20, 09:01|

A radio show of lackeys this morning praised Julia Farrugia Portelli for her BBC interview yesterday. They thought that her invitation to Boris Johnson to go jogging with her amounted to “a mic drop”. Truly a government of the mediocre for the mediocre.   Julia Farrugia Portelli was an embarrassment on TV yesterday. She [...]

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