Smorgasbord of insanity (8)

2020-07-30T20:37:32+02:00Thu, 30th Jul '20, 17:29|

Dulcis in fundo: Robert Arrigo. The man is now quivering under the enormous chip on his shoulder. I’ve known Robert Arrigo’s political frustrations for decades. He always thought that his tourism business and his football club experience entitled him to high political office. He never understood why they rather worked against his chances. It never [...]

Smorgasbord of insanity (7)

2020-07-30T17:27:36+02:00Thu, 30th Jul '20, 17:27|

Then there’s André Grech on whom generally speaking the less said the better. But I could not let this post of his pass. He bastardised Martin Niemöller’s famous quote about Adolf Hitler’s dismantling of freedom in Germany to adapt it to what he believes are his circumstances. This is perverse on so many levels. André [...]

Smorgasbord of insanity (6)

2020-07-30T17:25:12+02:00Thu, 30th Jul '20, 17:25|

Then there’s Frank Portelli who has been campaigning for Adrian Delia since the day he himself was a candidate for the post. He’s the one who gestured on TV by throwing a piece of paper to the floor saying that represented Daphne Caruana Galizia which he said would be dumped on the rubbish heap of [...]

Smorgasbord of insanity (5)

2020-07-30T17:22:39+02:00Thu, 30th Jul '20, 17:22|

Then there’s Edwin Vassallo’s brother in religious arms Simon Mercieca whose Facebook campaigning has become ever more deranged. Here he is referring to an archaic definition of the label ultramontane to say I was accusing him of supporting the Pope, which he said was an insult he was proud to receive because he loves Pope [...]

Smorgasbord of insanity (4)

2020-07-30T17:11:42+02:00Thu, 30th Jul '20, 17:11|

Consider now the ultramontane alliance of crusading fanatics that is campaigning for Adrian Delia to stay because they believe he’s their best chance at forcing the PN to become a confessional, racist, Muslim-baiting, auto-flagellating cult. This is Edwin Vassallo’s video response to my article about black-clad ideological extremism in the orbit of Adrian Delia. He [...]

Smorgasbord of insanity (3)

2020-07-30T17:09:09+02:00Thu, 30th Jul '20, 17:09|

There was another one about Jason Azzopardi that was gleefully spread by the tandem of One TV and Simon Mercieca who form a strange Molotov-Ribbentrop alliance. It’s the one about Jason Azzopardi having visited the Hilton Hotel.   That’s before the 17 Black revelations mind you. This completely bonkers tu quoque is supposed to [...]

Smorgasbord of insanity (2)

2020-07-30T17:04:58+02:00Thu, 30th Jul '20, 17:04|

First, there’s this idea being promoted that PN councillors should not vote in a way that could mean Jason Azzopardi is right. In obvious coordination with One TV they have made Jason Azzopardi a figure of hate. They have lampooned him, slandered him, demonised him and isolated him. The latest effort in this silly personalisation [...]

Smorgasbord of insanity (1)

2020-07-30T17:02:34+02:00Thu, 30th Jul '20, 17:02|

The Nationalist Party is this weekend having a conversation with its death. Everything dies one day or the next. Famously the knight in Bergman’s Seventh Seal played chess with death to try to delay the inevitable. Will the PN manage to postpone its final hour? It all depends on how this chess game plays out. [...]

Evarist’s original sin

2020-07-30T11:24:37+02:00Thu, 30th Jul '20, 11:24|

Evarist Bartolo’s repeat performance of his Tim Sebastian confession at the Daphne Caruana Galizia inquiry begs for comment. It begs for sarcasm, mockery, scepticism and more than a little hilarity too. I will just focus on the hypocrisy of it all. Evarist Bartolo says Keith Schembri was too powerful and that wasn’t good for anyone [...]

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