PODCAST: Playing Boċċa

2020-07-16T16:40:06+02:00Thu, 16th Jul '20, 16:40|

Manuel Delia · Playing Boċċa Andrew Borg Cardona needs no defending. More often than not I need him to defend me from touchy politicians who sue me for libel or lying politicians whom I sue myself. He does it for free. If he didn’t, I would have stopped doing this a long time ago. I’m [...]

GUEST POST: On Adrian Delia

2020-07-16T08:44:51+02:00Thu, 16th Jul '20, 08:43|

In 2017, Adrian Delia came out of the blue to contest the leadership of the Nationalist Party. He was a good lawyer with  corporate clients and a former president of a football club. Nobody knew him. His campaign was aggressive and many thought that he could be the answer to the PN’s woes. Then Daphne [...]

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