Show me the foreign money

2020-07-15T12:44:09+02:00Wed, 15th Jul '20, 12:42|

The ‘foreign interference’ narrative will become a new front to portray activists and journalists as collaborators and traitors. I mentioned in an earlier post that after Simon Mercieca’s Mintoffian and Putinesque tirade about “foreign interference in civil society”, I got questions from l-orizzont about how I respond “to Simon Mercieca’s allegations”. Expect screaming headlines on [...]

Foreign interference

2020-07-15T10:47:10+02:00Wed, 15th Jul '20, 10:47|

Watch this clip of historian Simon Mercieca on national TV last Monday. The show was discussing Adrian Delia. Simon Mercieca, a big fan, was looking for reasons why Adrian Delia was not much loved. And he came up with this. Let’s leave aside the absurdity of the notion that anyone needed to pay money so [...]

‘Tis but a scratch

2020-07-15T08:13:09+02:00Wed, 15th Jul '20, 08:05|

For now, we sit around wondering at the psychopathic tendencies, the megalomaniac delusions, the obliviousness to reality and Ċensu l-Iswed. For now, Adrian Delia insisting he will fight on limbless is a strange spectacle of a man in denial. But there will be a time when we will wonder less at the man and more [...]

Louis Galea joins call for a PN leadership election

2020-07-15T07:27:12+02:00Wed, 15th Jul '20, 07:27|

Adrian Delia’s senior consultant who was brought in by the ailing leader last year to advise him on reforms for the PN, has this morning called on the PN leader to resign. The call followed two votes in PN organs in quick succession that declared the party’s parliamentary group and governing committee have no confidence [...]

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