Glenn Bedingfield’s muddy sleuthing

2020-07-02T10:35:22+02:00Thu, 2nd Jul '20, 10:33|

Glenn Bedingfield did not get Robert Abela’s memo yesterday. The party leader was telling the press outside the parliament building that being a friend, a fuck-buddy, a WhatsApp chatter or a business associate of Yorgen Fenech was ok if you stopped doing it the day he was charged with murder. Inside Parliament, Glenn Bedingfield was [...]

GUEST POST: Enigmatic, we Maltese

2020-07-02T08:48:43+02:00Thu, 2nd Jul '20, 08:48|

We Maltese are peculiar, very odd people although God has been good to us. We go back to around 6,000 BC and we built the first free standing buildings in the world, more than 2,000 years before the Egyptians had even dreamt of the pyramids. Then in AD 60, destiny, or divine action, decided to [...]

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