Standards czar: Nothing unethical when Azzopardi advised Repubblika on Easter Massacre investigation request

2020-07-10T18:05:37+02:00Fri, 10th Jul '20, 18:02|

The Commissioner for Standards in Public Life threw out a complaint that alleged Jason Azzopardi behaved unethically when he acted as Repubblika’s lawyer when the NGO asked the police to investigate the death of migrants at sea over the Easter weekend. The complaint was filed by an anonymous individual who claimed he was the father [...]

GUEST POST: The tail that wagged the dog’s owner

2020-07-10T16:06:19+02:00Fri, 10th Jul '20, 16:06|

90. (4) If, in the judgment of the President, a member of the House of Representatives other than the Leader of the Opposition, has become the Leader in the House of the opposition party having the greatest numerical strength in the House or, as the case may be, the Leader of the Opposition has ceased [...]

GUEST POST: FATFy Shades of Grey

2020-07-10T15:59:29+02:00Fri, 10th Jul '20, 15:59|

What is FATF? The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) was established in July 1989 by the Group of Seven (G-7) countries, that is, the World’s top economic countries which determine world economic policy. The initial motive of FATF was to examine and develop measures to combat money laundering. Since 1989, the objectives have progressively widened [...]

GUEST POST: This country is sickening sick

2020-07-10T15:45:23+02:00Fri, 10th Jul '20, 15:44|

The country is sick. It is sick because corruption has become the order of the day. Every deal, every project, is tainted with corruption for the few to make millions. Corrupt businessmen found fertile land in Joseph Muscat’s government and with a little effort they managed to rope in ministers. They promised to make them [...]

Legal experts contradict Adrian Delia: the President should make Therese Comodini Cachia leader of opposition

2020-07-10T16:35:07+02:00Fri, 10th Jul '20, 15:31|

Legal advice seen by this website and requested by a group of MPs who have asked the President to appoint Therese Comodini Cachia as opposition leader, confirms that the constitution requires the President to remove Adrian Delia immediately and replace him with their candidate for the post. Confusion arose yesterday when Adrian Delia said he [...]

Looking away from Ian Abdilla

2020-07-10T15:29:28+02:00Fri, 10th Jul '20, 15:29|

The madness of the situation in the Nationalist Party with Adrian Delia strapped with explosives threatening to blow the whole thing up if he’s not allowed to blow the whole thing up, makes it almost tempting to look away from what else is happening in the country. Of course, that’s because Adrian Delia strapped himself [...]

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