Owen Bonnici is testifying at the Daphne Caruana Galizia inquiry tomorrow. Maybe he’ll explain why he censored on a daily basis the protest in Valletta calling for truth and justice for Daphne until a court declared he was breaching human rights and sowing division in the country. Or maybe he’ll explain how he could be both Joseph Muscat’s personal attorney and Justice Minister when handling the inquiry into the Egrant scandal.

Or maybe he’ll do like his other colleagues and say he knew nothing about what Joseph Muscat was up to, and that he was never part of the decision making process, or that he was excluded from the kitchen, or that he never really liked Joseph Muscat but what can you do?

The process of rubbing themselves out of any historical images alongside Joseph Muscat has started. Evarist Bartolo, Edward Scicluna, Chris Fearne: they all testified trying to erase Joseph Muscat from their past like Stalin rubbing out Trotsky from the family album.

This video from 2017 hasn’t aged well. It’s a propaganda piece Owen Bonnici circulated on Facebook promoting himself for re-election. It carries Joseph Muscat’s endorsement of him. Joseph Muscat says “when I give Owen Bonnici a job, I know he’ll do it.” A bit like a New Jersey button man.

Owen Bonnici would do well to remember this video when he’s in court tomorrow.