This time of five years ago we were in the middle of the storm after the Panama Papers revelations.  Three companies: one owned by Keith Schembri, the other owned by Konrad Mizzi, and a third, Egrant, with an unknown owner.

Joseph Muscat excused Keith Schembri saying this had been the private choice of a private person. And for Konrad Mizzi he said it would have been wrong of Konrad Mizzi if he tried to hide his Panama company, but he had told him about it in the draft declaration of assets with Joseph Muscat had seen before it was published.

Then a few months ago Joseph Muscat changed his story and said he had learnt of the Panama companies from the media. I picked that up at the time and wrote this commentary.

This short video clip puts together what Joseph Muscat said in 2016 to corroborate Konrad Mizzi’s story and what Joseph Muscat is saying now. So the question is, why did Joseph Muscat lie for Konrad Mizzi?

The answer has to be Egrant.

Watch the video here.