From my article in The Sunday Times today:

“The germ of independent thinking has taken root in this country and it will not weed itself out of existence. No doubt there’s a desire to win. But there’s a greater desire to remain honest with oneself. Politics may be the art of the possible. But for some of us on the inside of these walls, the battle we are fighting is not for a flag, or a party, or bragging rights. For some of us this is a battle for truth and justice and we’d rather lose than give that up.

“We do not expect perfection from our leaders. But we expect from them to aspire to more than win. From an alternative government we look for the determination to defeat crime, the imagi­nation to renew our economy, the expert competence and the basic decency and honesty that the incumbent government deprives us of.

“We’re in a fine fix then. We’re pushing back on a siege without the comfort of having something to look forward to follow it.”

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