Some thank yous

2021-06-10T15:42:18+02:00Thu, 10th Jun '21, 15:42|

My closing remarks at yesterday's launch of The Third Siege of Malta. You’re walking away with 135,000 words I wrote so the last thing you need is a speech. So just a few words of thanks from me. First, thanks for everyone helping out tonight and for the panellists who took time out and managed [...]

The editor of The Third Siege of Malta on stepping up

2021-06-10T10:14:10+02:00Thu, 10th Jun '21, 10:14|

Calling Alessandra Dee Crespo the "editor" of The Third Siege of Malta is reductive. It suggests a purely revisory role, a censor who is perhaps kind, but a censor nonetheless. Alessandra's role in this book is of co-creator. Choosing themes, joining disparate writings written over four years and sewing them into a coherent narrative is [...]

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