Quit the bullshit, Edward Zammit Lewis

2021-06-09T10:07:30+02:00Wed, 9th Jun '21, 10:07|

The Justice Minister’s article in today’s Times of Malta is a national embarrassment. People at the Venice Commission must be reading it and rolling on the floor with laughter. What a proper buffoon. I’ve already written why I think Edward Zammit Lewis lost the argument here. I feel no inclination to repeat myself just because [...]

Where’s the conflict of interest?

2021-06-09T08:50:31+02:00Wed, 9th Jun '21, 08:50|

Edward Zammit Lewis is reported to be objecting to Police Superintendent George Cremona being made head of the asset recovery bureau. That’s an office that largely exists as a legal fiction rather than in reality. It is meant to seize objects owned by criminals acquired from the proceeds from their crimes. Typically, this would be [...]

Dusting off Gonzi’s plans

2021-06-09T11:45:28+02:00Wed, 9th Jun '21, 08:05|

Minister Miriam Dalli called a press conference to announce her vision for a new undersea electricity cable connecting Malta to Sicily. This is not something that is actually going to happen in this legislature. So consider this a Labour Party press event funded by the government. There would have been no harm in the Labour [...]

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