Happy days

2021-06-14T11:42:16+02:00Mon, 14th Jun '21, 11:42|

Times of Malta reported that Ian Borg stood idly by as anti-covid rules were flouted grotesquely at the St Philip Band Club during the Żebbuġ Festa yesterday. In his defence, such as it is, Ian Borg said Bernard Grech was there as well. Ah, that's alright then. I'll just leave this here. The man on [...]

LONG READ: Kiss the flag

2021-06-14T11:28:23+02:00Mon, 14th Jun '21, 11:28|

Size, history, ethnic makeup, relative religious homogeneity, peripherality, maritime and front-line geographical location: all these are possible causes, ingredients in the mirky soup of our particular brand of nationalism. If the causes are debatable, the manifestation of nationalism in this country should be beyond doubt. The fact that we don’t think about it too much, [...]

GUEST POST: The best in the world

2021-06-14T09:05:13+02:00Mon, 14th Jun '21, 09:04|

In 2018, former premier Joseph Muscat predicted that Malta would be the best in Europe and the envy of the world. A little more than a year later the man crowned as the most corrupt politician of 2019 resigned in disgrace under pressure from civil society. He is now a nobody living in Burmarrad with [...]

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