Repubblika publishes proposals on fighting corruption in elections

2021-06-15T12:44:08+02:00Tue, 15th Jun '21, 12:44|

Civil rights NGO Repubblika today published a document with a raft of recommendations to fight corruption in elections, particularly the abuse of the power of incumbency by candidates who serve as ministers and the ruling party. The NGO underlined in its report existing legislation that is mostly ignored. These include rules against the use of [...]


2021-06-15T14:20:25+02:00Tue, 15th Jun '21, 12:28|

The Transparency International survey asking a sample of 500 Maltese respondents questions about how they perceive corruption, turns up some perplexing results. Well, let me feign perplexity. It looks better than embarrassment. More than half of the respondents of the survey said they thought that it is not possible to expose corruption one is aware [...]

STAR COMMENT: Edward Mallia on that PA vote on the dB Towers

2021-06-15T12:19:58+02:00Tue, 15th Jun '21, 12:19|

Edward Mallia sent the following as a comment under my post on Robert Abela's statement about wanting the environment to be his most important pillar to make Malta "the best in the world". I commented in my post that just as the prime minister was speaking about Malta's environment being made world-best within 10 years, [...]

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