PODCAST: The world will end in 2012

2021-06-16T15:10:02+02:00Wed, 16th Jun '21, 15:10|

Manuel Delia · The World Will End In 2012 All those Joseph Muscat-worshipping idiots out there who think it’s a good thing we can never go back to 2012, have no idea what’s hitting them in 2022. Like Evarist Bartolo I don’t have a crystal ball. I don’t know if the Americans will have their [...]

Unmitigated imbecility

2021-06-16T12:33:54+02:00Wed, 16th Jun '21, 09:44|

Jason Micallef, who heads both the Labour Party's propaganda vehicles and is responsible for "culture in the capital city", reacted angrily to #occupyjustice's protest last night in his precious ramshackle allotment at the entrance to the city built by gentlemen and run by a fatuous, asinine, over-promoted gardener.   I was about to write something [...]

GUEST POST: Humour me

2021-06-16T09:45:40+02:00Wed, 16th Jun '21, 09:01|

The secret of humour is surprise. – Aristotle Prime Minister Robert Abela, interviewed on One Radio, said that the environment is one of the government’s top priorities. He said that the proof is in his government’s decision to commission a new interconnector – which according to Aaron Farrugia, our environment minister, will use hydrogen. So [...]

#occupyjustice: Thank you for the blank canvas, Jason Micallef

2021-06-16T08:42:54+02:00Wed, 16th Jun '21, 08:42|

Issued by #occupyjustice last night: #occupyjustice activists ‘planted’ placards in the Republic Street planters in front of the Parliament buildings. The slogans included: Fil-Parlament ma jikbrux fjuri, imma ħdura hawn kemm trid Ħaxix biex jaħbu l-ħaxi Grazzi Sur Jason Micallef, ħloqtilna spazju biex inwaslu leħinna Ministru Ian Borg, ħalli siġra mġiddma! and It-tieni interconnector? Mela l-Electrogas x’nambuha? Mr [...]

Raw nerve

2021-06-16T08:27:59+02:00Wed, 16th Jun '21, 08:27|

George Vella has been reacting a bit touchily to what he clearly perceives as lèse-majesté. Yesterday he issued a petulant statement reacting to a response by 2% of a random sample in a survey that said they perceived corruption in the President’s office. George Vella went all “fejn huma l-provi?” and told the anonymous responders [...]

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