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Norma Saliba and Quinton Scerri defended, poorly, TVM coverage of conditions inside the prisons after a complaint filed with the Broadcasting Authority. The Broadcasting Authority ordered PBS to carry a feature which depicts the “real situation” and which “respects people’s intelligence”. Which means TVM’s reporting did not report on the real situation and was disrespectful [...]

What’s next? The best in the solar system? Better than Jesus? Labour forever?

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Please find me someone in the country, even the most adulating and fawning Laburist sal-mewt, the most indebted crony, the discarded but vaguely sentient attempts at cloning Jason Micallef, the lazier spermatozoa dozing in the recesses of Glen Bedingfield’s wrinkly scrota, who is taken in by hyperbole like “we’ll be the best in the world”. [...]

The world’s best for platitudes, commonplaces, off-the-shelf slogans and hifalutin vacuity

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I wish I could be constructive about the prime minister’s announcement of his "vision" for the next ten years. I wish there were things we could take home from yesterday’s press conference. I wish we could hope for some return from the money the government is spending on this tax-payer-funded pre-election publicity exercise for the [...]

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