In a tyranny, no one is guilty of raping democracy

2021-06-17T10:05:24+02:00Thu, 17th Jun '21, 10:05|

What is happening at the Public Accounts Committee would be an outrage on our democracy if we had a democracy. Gianella Demarco is Paul Apap Bologna’s lawyer. She works for him and speaks on his behalf. He’s not on trial there. He’s just a witness. He should not need legal representation or some form of [...]

Marry an aardvark

2021-06-18T09:10:40+02:00Thu, 17th Jun '21, 08:28|

Politicians looking to improve their chances of getting elected look for spouses with a surname towards the beginning of the phone book. That will allow them to attach their political chances to the buoy of a name like Abela, Agius or Apap. Candidates are listed alphabetically on the ballot sheet which means that for voters [...]

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