Lt. Col. Prison Director, GCMG testifies

2021-06-25T15:04:37+02:00Fri, 25th Jun '21, 15:04|

Times of Malta reported Alex Dalli's testimony yesterday in the case I brought against the government for not letting me visit the prison and detention centres to assess allegations of living conditions. Reading the report you might get the impression that I asked to be given free rein around the prison grounds. I didn't. I [...]

The first strategic deficiency

2021-06-25T14:47:54+02:00Fri, 25th Jun '21, 14:46|

Wednesday: The Financial Action Task Force puts Malta on the grey-list because the FATF is not convinced Malta is doing enough to fight money-laundering. Reportedly one of the most sceptical countries is the UK. Thursday: Prime Minister Robert Abela says he thinks the FATF's decision is “unjust” but will continue the dialogue with the FATF [...]

Another round of ‘Malta has come into the twilight’

2021-06-25T11:54:01+02:00Fri, 25th Jun '21, 11:54|

The phrase is a literal translation from German. It's not the twilight of our life, because Malta will outlast the criminals of our generation. It's not the twilight zone, because however mad, the shit we swim in is real. It's the twilight of the sepulchre, the shady place where law is weak and trust and [...]

Blood oranges

2021-06-25T11:27:37+02:00Fri, 25th Jun '21, 11:27|

Rosianne Cutajar and other gift-giving and food-distributing election candidates might have felt like they were getting a leg up from George Hyzler, the Commissioner for Standards, yesterday. Headlines all over the place picking what they were fed from the Commissioner’s conclusions left people with the impression that ‘Rosianne Cutajar had done nothing wrong’. Which, admittedly, [...]

Mintoff’s pupils

2021-06-25T10:49:17+02:00Fri, 25th Jun '21, 10:49|

Mr Omar Debono is not a public figure as such. But what he wrote on Facebook and the position he occupies gives insight into the mindset of people in responsibility and of the poor chances we have with thinking like this of emerging from the quagmire they put us in. Omar Debono is one of [...]

So these are the people who will save us

2021-06-25T07:47:17+02:00Fri, 25th Jun '21, 07:47|

'Mhux fair, ħi' sums up the official story about our grey-listing by the FATF. Many feared it, and many more groaned in pain when the news was confirmed. "We're fucked," was a much used phrase. The point is disaster does not happen when you fall in a hole. Disaster strikes when you realise that you're [...]

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