Boris Johnson and Malta Transport

2021-06-03T16:33:13+02:00Thu, 3rd Jun '21, 16:33|

I don’t think anyone will believe me when I say there isn’t even a shred of sarcasm in what I’m about to write. Give the passenger ferry boats a chance. Every new means of public transport will, unfailingly, fail to meet the public’s expectations. Never mind the hyperbolic expectations of over-enthusiastic politicians who justify their [...]

The decency to accept defeat

2021-06-03T10:57:57+02:00Thu, 3rd Jun '21, 10:57|

The Maltese government must be earning itself some form of reputation at the Council of Europe’s democracy through law commission. It’s known as the Venice Commission and it is famous for its exquisitely painful politeness. At some point, we can fully expect them to lose it. Whenever the Maltese government gets stuck with some legal [...]

GUEST POST: I’m Glad I’m a Nobody

2021-06-03T10:47:54+02:00Thu, 3rd Jun '21, 10:47|

Some 25 years ago, my father was approached to contest the elections as a candidate for one of the two main parties. It made sense because my father was a very well respected professional and at the time his regular clientele covered most of what is today known as the Northern Harbour District. So picture [...]

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