Rushing back up the womb of colonialism

2021-06-07T17:11:03+02:00Mon, 7th Jun '21, 17:11|

Last Sunday I wrote a piece about needing a government that plans for a new economy that makes sense in a world pushing back on climate change. I called for imagination to outgrow our dependence on the evasion of tax levied by other countries. I pointed out that the givens of our past economic successes [...]

Four years

2021-06-07T10:13:19+02:00Mon, 7th Jun '21, 10:13|

Four years ago today I looked for the first time at the audience measuring tool that comes with a blogging website. The previous morning, I had published my first ever post in a Google blog app hurriedly put together for me by a tech savvy colleague at work. The piece, called unimaginatively “It hurts, doesn’t [...]

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