I trust this is sufficient notice to remind members of the Board of the Planning Authority that the Board is due to meet this Thursday at 10am to discuss the application by the dB Group to “develop” (as they insist calling the erection of concrete Titans on relatively unspoiled land) the former ITS site in St George’s Bay.

In 2018, not everyone had got the memo and an employee for the Contracts Department who sat on the Board decided to go on holiday to Sicily. So the Planning Authority sent her a private jet to pick her up and bring her to the meeting to vote to approve the development.

That exercise cost a handsome €9,000, even more than Carmelo Abela’s self-congratulating newspaper ads. No one was held accountable. No one was forced to resign. No proper explanation was given. And you paid.

So, dear PA Board members, if you’re going to meet to shit bricks over Pembroke at least have the decency of transporting yourself to the place of execution. Thank you.