Watch this video produced and distributed on Mario Cutajar’s official Facebook page.

It’s a fluff piece for something called “the public service week”. The “occasion”, as they describe it, is a visit by Mario Cutajar to the public library in Valletta which shouldn’t be extraordinary in principle, though he looks in the video like he needed to be shown around.

And then, drumroll, he donated to the library copies of the publications issued by his office. There are hardbound editions of the series of newsletters issued by his office full of photographs, of, yeah, Mario Cutajar.

This great event is worth some expensive PR, Mario Cutajar seems to think.

Except that all he’s doing is obeying the law, which shouldn’t be out of the ordinary, especially for the public service. It’s been compulsory since 1925 here for anyone publishing in Malta to hand over two free copies of their books, one for the library in Malta and another for the Gozo branch.

Hurray for the entirely ordinary. How tiring.