Sent in by someone known to me.

Following the recent outcry on the inappropriate use of the word ‘riċerka’ by a Labour politician, a journalist has managed to obtain a copy of a secret document that is kept hidden at the Labour HQ.  Titled ‘Labourspeak – the language of a modern day society’, it gives new meanings for words and phrases that have been in common usage for decades, if not centuries.  ‘Riċerka’ takes pride of place and is explained as ‘to trap birds to your heart’s delight.’

Of course, I’ m joking.  There is no such document.  But the sad reality is that many words and phrases have taken on a new meaning for many Labour supporters – meanings that are fundamentally different from their actual ones.  After eight and half years of constant Labour propaganda on various media, especially on One media, it is not surprising that this has happened.  This is especially so because Labour adopted spin, deceit and outright lies as a political weapon of choice.

The following are some examples of Labourspeak:

  • Public funds – money useful for politicians and Labour insiders to enrich themselves.
  • Official duties overseas – holiday paid for by the tax payer.
  • Good governance – employing more and more people where they are not needed.
  • Road map – schemes for Labour insiders to get rich quick.
  • Accountability – the fabrication of absurd excuses to justify a politician’s abusive actions.
  • Transparency – same meaning as accountability.
  • Consultant’s report – report by an expert to justify the bad decisions of the government.
  • Informed voter – one who daily watches Labour propaganda as dished out by the national broadcaster.
  • Ethical behaviour – behaviour that is not in breach of any law.
  • Conflict of interest – useless chatter by the holier-than-though.
  • Standards – more useless chatter by the holier-than-though.
  • Law-abiding – adhering to the law only when it suits you.
  • Quality of life – having enough money to do as you please.
  • A critic of the government – a traitor who deserves to be exiled to a foreign land.
  • Maltese democracy – a Labour government with at least a 40,000 majority.
  • Truth – anything said on One news.
  • Decisive politician – a politicians who, in just 5 minutes, decides to give away large areas of Maltese countryside (at Żonqor) to private interests.

And these Labourspeak meanings refer to development and the environment:

  • The environment – anything that can be built upon.
  • Safeguarding the environment – the planting of a few trees (and then leaving them to die without water).
  • Urban regeneration – paving over an area of land and giving a coat of paint to the benches and railings.
  • Public open space – a space between buildings that is jam packed with tables and chairs for commercial establishments.
  • Sustainable transport policy – to widen as many roads as possible and to tarmac over agricultural land.
  • Green building – a building with a few potted plants in some balconies.
  • Urban planning – the Planning Authority doing as the minister commands.
  • Controversial development application – an application for which planning policies are bypassed, misinterpreted or ignored and the politician dictates the decision to the PA.
  • Licensed builder – a contractor who registers his name with the developers’ lobby group.
  • Pavement – a sidewalk appropriately designed to cause injury to walkers.

It may all seem very amusing but it is actually tragic that corrupt Labour has brought our beloved country to this.