“I choose not to come”

2021-10-06T09:10:54+02:00Wed, 6th Oct '21, 09:10|

Konrad Mizzi is exercising yet another right to dodge questions he’s uncomfortable answering. At the Daphne inquiry he said a hundred times “I choose not to answer” which was his right because no witness can be forced to incriminate themselves. Today he announced he’ll miss the meeting of the Public Accounts Committee which has called [...]

TVM thinking ahead

2021-10-05T20:27:22+02:00Tue, 5th Oct '21, 17:45|

Current affairs producers on TVM these days are rarely inconvenient to the government. Anyone with a shred of independence has been pushed out and replaced. The internal memo exposed by Times of Malta that instructs producers to give management two-week notice does not just reveal control-freakery and partisan bias at the national station. We knew [...]

Predictable Johnny

2021-10-05T07:56:29+02:00Tue, 5th Oct '21, 07:56|

John Dalli has fully graduated to the status of nasty grand uncle that must be avoided even on Christmas. He is, to begin with, grotesquely predictable. If only one prominent indigenous name was going to emerge in a worldwide leak of secret off-shore accounts, it would have had to be his. That was certainly predictable. [...]

Preserving Rosianne Cutajar

2021-10-05T07:23:34+02:00Tue, 5th Oct '21, 07:23|

The way Robert Abela enables Rosianne Cutajar is nothing short of a disgrace. The prime minister and his government seem to be in no doubt that not only is she an embarrassment, but her conduct is entirely and altogether unacceptable. They implicitly acknowledged yesterday that an independent committee of European MPs with no stake in [...]

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