This is a truel

2022-02-13T12:29:03+01:00Sun, 13th Feb '22, 10:38|

About 15 months ago I wondered aloud how Robert Abela came to be so wealthy. We’re starting to get answers. Here’s what The Sunday Times’s story of this morning means. At least in one case that we know of so far, Robert Abela billed a client for legal services in a creative manner. When you [...]

THE SUNDAY TIMES: Double punch

2022-02-13T10:05:36+01:00Sun, 13th Feb '22, 10:05|

From my article in The Sunday Times today: "Forty thousand’ they say, warning their opponents that, once the result of the next election is known, they’ll have no choice but to shut up, perhaps leave the country. They don’t necessarily address that to the opposition in the wider sense as much as to Times of [...]

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